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Final year undergraduate projects supervised by Charles Augarde at Durham (none done in 2022 and 2023 due to Research Leave and becoming HoD, respectively).
(Titles in bold are available as a pdf on request)
I also hold some (ancient) MSc project dissertations.

Graduating year Title Student
AMPLE in Python
Ellie Bacon
A Serviceability Investigation of Dowel-Type Timber Connections
George Wilkinson
Life Cycle Assessment of Earthen Construction Materials Stabilised with Xanthan Gum
Annabel Fredericks
Exploring the Impact of Varying Prop Locations In Braced Excavations
James McPherson
The Virtual Element Method for Engineers: A Practical Guide for Two-Dimensional Elasticity
Ted O’Hare
2020 Environmental impact of guar and xanthan gum for use as earthen stabilisers: A life cycle assessment Nick Walton
Investigations into novel dowel-type timber connections Jonathan Adams
Physical Modelling of Seabed Ploughing Will Sampson
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Corner Effects in Braced Excavations Mike Woollatt
2019 Investigation of desiccation cracking in London clay Oliver Clements
Searching Methods for the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method Using Matlab Katherine Aird
Offshore Foundation Decommissioning Tamara Bud
Physical Modelling of Submarine Ploughing Jonathan Dixon
An investigation into the formulation of maximum entropy shape functions for meshfree analysis Jason Hoyle
Sustainable Consolidants and Their Effect On The Durability Of Earthen Construction Materials India Harding
2018 Physical modelling of seabed ploughing Peter Sutton
The Durability of Earthen Construction Materials George Lucas
Assessing the Accuracy of Void Volume Calculations in Soil Samples Ben Graham
An Investigation of the Virtual Element Method:An Engineer’s Guide Tobias Graves
Investigation on implementing MLPG method for two-dimensional simulation in solid mechanics using Julia Language Fengyu Ge
An Investigation into the Application of Global RBF Collocation Methods to Solid Mechanics Harvey Stevens
Reinforcement of Concrete Beams with Continuous Glass Fibre Ropes Michael Imber
2017 Physical modelling of seabed ploughing Freddie Barclay
Cohesive cracking using the Cracking Particles Method Olllie Sanders
A mathematical model of soil: linking voids to water retention Keturah Civelek
Mechanical properties of geopolymer fibre composites Douglas Winstanley
Mechanical analysis of straight/twisted/braided fibres in tension Josh Jordan
2016 Analysis of the effects neighbouring structures have on temporary propped excavations Paul Kacperek
Use of Bamboo as a structural material Alex Fisher
Mechanical Analysis of Straight/Twisted/Braided Fibres in Tension Elizabeth Healey
Visibility of reinforcing fibres in rammed earth using X-ray computed tomography Joe Ruaux
An investigation into the coupling of continuum and shell finite elements Chen Wang
2015 Investigation and Analysis of Temporary Propping at Crossrail Paddington Station Paul Chambers
Stochastic modelling of settlements due to tunnelling Mollie Jebb
Modelling of Bamboo based on XRCT data Sebastian Kidwell
Approximations in the material point method Natasha Brown
Tracking boundaries in meshfree computational methods Neil Anderson
Finite volume and smoothed finite element methods Thomas Adams
Where does the water go in earthen construction materials? Maria Jones
The Axial Capacity of Plate Welded Fixings Embedded in Rammed Earth Xaver Touschek
2014  Tracking particle movements in experimental soil mechanics Callum Blackler
Bonding in fibre-reinforced earthen construction materials Sarah Coghlan
Finite volume and smoothed finite element methods Douglas Willins
Lateral capacity of fixings in rammed earth Lucy Wolf
Analytical models of settlement damage to buildings from tunnelling James Pople-Hoskins
An investigation of the Hillerborg Strip method Daniel Jaffe
Failures of underground openings and cavities David Heavyside
2013  The use of silt in construction Heather Purshouse
Permeability of earthen construction materials Hazel Short
Bonding in fibre-reinforced earthen construction materials Doug Readle
Smoothed finite element methods Tim Charlton
2012  Predictions of ground movements due to subsurface construction Philip Carlton
Design and testing of flexural members in rammed earth Andrew Corbin
Development of a mesh generation tool for subsurface features in geological modelling Rowan Edmondson
2011 Alternative test functions for meshless methods Phil Anwyl
Computational costs in meshless methods Sam Greg
Development of the material point method Sam Walsh
Geotechnical properties of cob Matthew Woodhams
2010 Alternative materials for energy reduction and climate change Jenny Durie
Geotechnical properties of cob Josh Bargh
Geomechanical properties of soil cemented with manganese oxide Victoria Sutherland
Analysis of seabed ploughs Natasha Lister
2009  A New Benchmark for Finite Element Analysis of Structures Chris Hammond
Development of a large volume de-aired water supply for geotechnics Ian Patten
The effect of degree of saturation on the volume change behaviour of unsaturated soils Ian Walker
Robust meshless methods Jonathan Archer
Discrete element modelling in geotechnics Laurence Powell
Massive Models Using Meshless Methods – Mathematical Musings Malcolm Hudson
Structural Analysis of Geodesic Domes Marek Kubik
2008 Cracking in rammed earth Chris Beckett
Finite element analysis of multiple tunnelling using an advanced soil model Gyles Ellison
Making civil engineering design procedures match modern analysis capabilities Matt Fox
Discrete element modelling Alexandra Mallides
Water movements in rammed earth Steven Perkins
The use of negative penalty functions Daniel Smee
The role of degree of saturation in the volume change behaviour of unsaturated soils Will Tudor
Robust meshless methods Richard Williams
2007 Analysis of inflatable structures Will Ash
Novel strut design development Tom Bogan
Jointing in rammed earth Tom Howard
Development of a tensiometer for rammed earth Philip Wallbridge
2006 Novel strut design James Gilbert
Prediction of sinkhole formation Iain Cooper
Analysis of an OGPA pavement Tim Snaith
Rammed earth materials Tom Horncastle
2005 Discrete element modelling Martyn Pysanczyn
Analysis of three-dimensuional masonry structures using numerical techniques Kate Gower
Strength of externally reinforced concrete members Karen Radband
The ultimate uplift capacity of plate anchors from a cohesionless medium Robert Thompson
Investigation into improved latrine covers for emergency situations Elizabeth Clarke
Finite element modelling with teaching aids Ananthan Sivayoganathan
2004 Cowcross Estate Design and foundation analysis (BEng) Heidi Wade
ECML Fenham Hill Footbridge (BEng) David Littlemore
The axial loading of piled foundations in sand Martin Young
Strain measurement in concrete beams by digital imaging Robert Semple
The tunnel modelling toolset Arne Wolframm
Prediction of sinkhole formation Richard Grant
Modelling rammed earth Paul Jaquin
2003 Numerical analysis of sprayed concrete lined tunnels Doug Lloyd
Prediction of sinkhole formation Teh Ming Hun
Strain measurement in concrete beams by digital imaging Mike Harper
Cyclic loading of foundations on sand Bruno Gresle
The numerical modelling of masonry arch bridges using an all-purpose finite element analysis package Tom Ford
2002 Numerical analysis of sprayed concrete lined tunnels in soft ground Richard Oakley
Analysing the failure of a masonry arch bridge Rob Oakes
The development of a 2D non-linear finite element model for the load assessment of masonry arch bridges Sam Tuxford